Back Up Sensors

This system includes 4 sensors with three detection zones; zone 1 is 4.5-2.5 feet with a slow audible beep, zone 2 is 2.4-1.3 feet with a medium beep and zone 3 is 1.3 feet to vehicle with a steady tone.

Back Up Camera Options

160-degree peripheral view.
LCD dims automatically at night.
Waterproof case with anti-fog lens.
PDA also carries an Alpine Camera with a 190° view.

License plate mounted camera.



Custom mounted camera.
Custom truck & SUV tailgate cameras available.





Monitors for Back Up Cameras

Add a camera to any of our many screen choices from Alpine, Kenwood, Jensen, and JVC.






Integrate back up camera to factory navigation. These are seamless adapters that are very fast and accurate.






4.3-inch TFT LCD monitor.
LCD dims automatically at night.
Anti-glare coated glass.



As an alternative to the rear view mirror monitor, PDA also offers windshield or dashboard mounted monitors






Blind Spot Detection System

Alerts the driver with a visual and audible warning when an obstacle is in the “blind spot” of the vehicle.


Radar Based Blind Spot Detection

The blind spot detection sensors expand your field of view and act as an extra set of eyes, notifying you if you become too close to a vehicle or object on either side of your vehicle. This added safety feature helps reduce accidents that would have been caused from failing to see what's in your blind spot.

3 Year Warranty

Alerts are shown when other vehicles, people or objects enter the blind spot of the vehicle, adding another level of safety

Easy installation of sensor, mounts behind the bumper

Compact design

Selectable speed sensing activation through CANBUS

Audible and visual alerts

This product is not compatible with metal bumpers


Camera Based Blind Spot Vision

The aftermarket Blind Spot Detection system uses a fully integrated system that turns your factory or after-market Front/Back/Left or Right side vehicle camera into an in-vehicle blind spot action camera, triggering when you signal; keeping your vision on that blind spot zone.

Fully integrated camera interfaces

Includes 4 video inputs (triggered through CAN)

4 Camera's Front/Back/Left/Right for blind spot detection

1 Reverse camera with dynamic guidelines (for cars without OE camera)

1 Front camera with automatic trigger (for cars without OE camera)

Please call for vehicle compatibility



Pictured here are Parrot systems that are dedicated to conversation and music in car using Blue-tooth technology. PDA also offers Bluetooth Integration for most vehicles.