10 Tips for Getting Better Car Audio

10 Car Audio Tips for Better Sound

A great audio setup is something nobody who loves their car should go without. Yet many of us still put up with weak, low quality sound that makes music worse and leaves the peace undisturbed. Here are the top 10 car audio tips you can follow to help fix that.

    1. Get yourself some high quality speakers. Speakers straight from the factory cut corners and sound a lot worse than anything aftermarket, so ditching your factory speakers should be one of your first steps toward better sound. Better sound’s an investment after all, make sure you invest in something you’ll love.
    2. Add a subwoofer to your setup to provide better balance & clarity between bass and treble. Boost your bass and volume with the unmistakable sound of a subwoofer - no audio lover’s setup is complete without one. 
    3. Buy (or build) a subwoofer box. If you’ve already have a subwoofer, consider upgrading its box. For extra reverb and better sound, make sure your subwoofer box is properly sized, the seams are airtight and it is properly ported for your subwoofers. 
    4. Add an amplifier to your audio setup. Nothing boosts raw volume like the power of a dedicated amplifier, and for those who need their music loud, an amp is mandatory. Many advanced audio installations will use two amplifiers, one for subwoofers and one for mid to high range speakers. 
    5. Cut down on outside noise with sound-deadening materials. The world outside your car gets loud. Motors, construction, and tons of other things can take away from your listening experience. Inserts and other add-ons to your car’s chassis can help keep the outside out, and the music in while reducing vehicle body vibration and rattling. 
    6. Use the best quality audio source you can. If you want your music to be as high-fidelity as possible, make sure you’re using high-quality music files, or if you’re using a streaming service, make sure you’ve got a good connection. Your 15 year old CD player doesn’t cut it anymore if you need the best-quality audio.
    7. Connect your device straight into the car. While using Bluetooth is way more convenient, plugging in an aux cord instead will do wonders for your audio fidelity.
    8. Tune your audio setup. A little bit of fine tuning can go a long way, and well-set tone controls can make the difference between clear audio and distorted audio. Ideally, set up multiple tone control profiles for a variety of driving situations - speed, road condition, different types of music and other things can affect your audio.
    9. Make sure your amp’s power is set to your speaker’s power rating. Mismatched power settings can distort your sound, or stress out your gear, which distorts your sound even more.
    10. Buy better cables for some or all of your setup. From the aux cord you use to the wires running from your amp to your speaker, the quality of your cables can make that extra bit of difference in precision sound quality.