Remote Start, Security & Keyless Entry

Remote Start

Remote StartIn cold weather, a remote start can warm up your engine, warm up the interior of your vehicle, and help defrost windows making them easier to scrape. In hot weather a remote start is ideal to cool off the inside of your vehicle; especially if you have leather seats.

Remote starts also offer added security. The ability to start your car from a distance in a dark parking lot and having it ready and running can provide a feeling of comfort and safety, as well as deter any threats that may be lingering close by.

Single Button Remote Start

Single Button Remote Start
  • Can program most factory key fobs
  • Parking light confirmation
  • Doors lock when you start your car
  • Scan resistant remote codes

LCD Two Way Remote Start— No Alarm

LCD Two Way Remote Start— No Alarm
  • 1 Remote w/ LCD Screen & 1 Five Button Remote
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • Remote Door Lock / Unlock**
  • Up to 1 Mile Range
Smart Phone Remote Start
Does Not Include Phone
Smart Phone Remote Start
  • Compatible with many iPod touch and iPhone
  • Compatible with fuel-injected and manual transmission vehicles
  • Compatible with many BlackBerry smartphones
  • Compatible with many Android smartphones Compatible with all Android handsets running SDK 1.5 and newer.
  • Panic and car finder function
  • Add additional vehicles or users to account
  • Requires service plan SmartStart Service requires a subscription. Plans start at $49.99 a year.


SecurityIn 2011, there were 715,373 car thefts in the United States and more than $4.3 billion was lost nationwide. Auto Theft happens across all demographics, social classes, and areas.

It is easy to fall into the thought that “it won’t happen to me”; but be weary, the fact is that not all thieves are looking to steal your car, even the most inexperienced thief would be more than willing to break into a car for valuables.

1-Way Security

1-Way Security
  • Remote door lock/unlock
  • Fault-proof starter interrupt
  • Scan resistant remote codes
  • 2 Remotes

2-Way Security

2-Way Security
  • 2-Way remote enables communication from the vehicle to the user
  • Stinger Double-Guard Shock Sensor
  • Failsafe starter kill
  • Bright blue status indicator light
  • Revenger six tone siren
  • One-Way functions with the 4-button companion remote (included)

2-Way Security With Remote Start

2-Way Security With Remote Start
  • 2-Way LCD 5-button remote is backlit, has tone and vibe modes, Zone ID
  • Command confirmations and event notifications via the LCD remote control
  • Temp Check and clock time via the LCD remote control
  • One-Way functions withe the 4-button companion remote (included)
  • Zone-2 Impact sensor,
  • Fault-proof starter interrupt,
  • Warn-Away, Revenger siren, and more!